Ebony TV by Lionsgate

Launched in October 2023, Ebony TV by Lionsgate is a free, ad-supported streaming channel (FAST) featuring a curated selection of content targeted at the Black community. This exciting collaboration between the iconic Ebony Media Group and the Hollywood giant Lionsgate brings a fresh perspective to the streaming landscape.

Award-Winning Films: Dive into acclaimed movies that celebrate Black excellence and diverse experiences. Think classics like “The Wiz,” groundbreaking biopics like “Selma,” and contemporary hits like “Moonlight.”

Engaging Comedies: Get ready to laugh with hilarious stand-up specials, sitcoms showcasing Black families and friendships, and even lighthearted rom-coms with a unique twist.

Groundbreaking Series: Immerse yourself in gripping dramas, inspiring documentaries, and thought-provoking reality shows that explore the richness and complexity of Black lives.

A Global Lens: Go beyond the borders of the United States and experience the multifaceted tapestry of Black cultures from around the world. Discover stories from Africa, the Caribbean, and beyond, enriching your understanding of the diaspora.

Accessibility and Value: As a FAST channel, Ebony TV by Lionsgate is completely free to watch, accessible on popular platforms like Samsung TV Plus, Roku, Tubi, and Amazon Freevee. This makes it a valuable resource for viewers who may not have access to traditional cable or streaming services, democratizing the enjoyment of quality Black entertainment.

More Than Just Content: Ebony TV by Lionsgate isn’t just a channel, it’s a statement. It represents a commitment to amplifying Black voices and creating a platform where diverse stories can shine. This mission resonates with viewers who long for authentic depictions of their experiences and perspectives in mainstream media.

The Future of Storytelling: With its curated selection and ever-expanding library, Ebony TV by Lionsgate is poised to become a go-to destination for Black audiences and anyone seeking captivating stories that reflect the world’s diversity. As it continues to grow, this channel has the potential to reshape the landscape of entertainment, fostering understanding and appreciation for the richness of Black narratives.

So, whether you’re a longtime Ebony Media supporter, a film buff, or simply looking for fresh, authentic content, give Ebony TV by Lionsgate a try. You might just discover your next favorite show, laugh out loud with relatable humor, or gain a deeper understanding of the world through a different lens.

Remember, Ebony TV by Lionsgate is free to watch, so open the gate and step into a world of stories waiting to be told.