Tu Cine

Tu Cine is a Spanish-language television channel that broadcasts contemporary films and series from around the world. The channel is owned by Olympusat, a U.S.-based media company that also owns other Spanish-language channels such as Pasiones and Cine Mexicano.

Tu Cine launched in 2011 and is available in the United States, Mexico, and Latin America. The channel’s programming includes a mix of Hollywood blockbusters, independent films, and Spanish-language productions. Tu Cine also airs a variety of original programming, such as talk shows, documentaries, and reality shows.

The channel’s target audience is Spanish-speaking viewers who are interested in watching contemporary films and series. Tu Cine is available on a variety of cable and satellite providers, as well as online through Distro.TV.

Here are some of the most popular shows on Tu Cine:

  • La Casa de Papel (Money Heist): A Spanish heist drama that follows a group of thieves who plan to rob the Royal Mint of Spain.
  • Vis a Vis (Locked Up): A Spanish prison drama that follows a group of women who are incarcerated in a women’s prison.
  • El Internado (The Boarding School): A Spanish mystery drama that follows a group of students who attend a boarding school that is haunted by a mysterious presence.
  • Gran Hotel (Grand Hotel): A Spanish period drama that follows a young woman who goes undercover as a maid at a luxurious hotel in the early 20th century.
  • Velvet (Velvet): A Spanish period drama that follows the lives of the employees of a high-end fashion store in Madrid in the 1950s.

Tu Cine is a popular channel among Spanish-speaking viewers who are looking for contemporary films and series. The channel’s programming is diverse and includes a variety of genres, from drama to comedy to action. Tu Cine is a great option for viewers who are looking for something new to watch.